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{singapore} west coast park

since Pixie turned a lot more active now and wanting to go out to play, i’ve been looking out for nice places to go. and one great find which is about 20mins cab ride from our home is the West Coast Park. I’ve been planning it many times to visit this place even before but we kept postponing it. finally, we went there at least 3 times now since last month. 

though it’s not very near to us, it was sure worth the travel. i got amazed myself seeing LOTS of wonderful play equipments and sand-play areas for kids of all ages to enjoy and engage themselves till their energies wear off. and there’s a number of things that every family can do together – like camping, picnic, kite-flying, even pedal-go-karting (which I have yet to try next time!). No wonder, many other parents call this place a one-stop-family-park!

well, except that I’m disappointed there’s only one food shop around the park and it’s not my healthy option anymore to eat at Mcdonalds. So, I hope, they’ll consider putting around healthier choices for families to enjoy. But I guess it can be a good thing too that there’s no food shops nearby — it can promote more home cooking for parents and bring their own healthy food to enjoy eating by the park. 🙂

we are sure bound to be back again and again to this place from now on.

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