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autumn love – pixie in kyoto – day 1

dear baby pixie love,

and so here’s my attempt of documenting bits and pieces of your very 1st trip to Kyoto and our first as a family together. What’s even more wonderful about it was because we went there during the magical season of autumn.

our flight was a midnight flight on a Tuesday (Nov 26, 2013), which I thought was a really great plan ahead so that you’ll be mostly asleep during the flight. it was after all an almost 8hrs long flight — your longest experience so far.

while waiting to board our flight at the Singapore airport, we let you get occupied with one of your favorite alphabet board book — we’re not fond of letting you play on the iPad so we didn’t bring that along, lessens our luggage too. other than a board book, we also brought along some fun stickers for us to play with together. they were truly helpful in keeping a toddler like you busy instead of running around elsewhere. although you did still ran around at some point.
we had a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Osaka which honestly was not so convenient but it got us cheaper airfare so we had no choice. next time, we’re definitely not taking this route anymore if we get a chance to travel again. you slept almost the entire flight from KL to Osaka and didn’t give us much of trouble at all.
We arrived Wednesday morning at Kansai International Airport around 8am (Japan time) which was 1 hour ahead from Singapore. First thing I wanted to look for was a nursery room for us to change your diapers. How delighted I was to see one right away near the Intrl Arrival gate.
We found a convenient dining court at the airport where we had our breakfast. I didn’t have time to take photos of what we ate, obviously, we were that hungry.
After a quick meal, Papa bought our train tickets bound from Osaka to Kyoto. Prior to coming to Japan, I was able to research how we can at least get a discounted ticket by purchasing the Haruka and Icoca Card package at the JR Osaka Station, which was just outside the Kansai Intrl Airport. This package was only available for foreigners with short term stay.

We left Osaka at around 1130am. It was an almost 2 hrs of train ride, luckily you took a nap half of that trip while I couldn’t stop just looking around the scenery again that I so missed the last time I went to Japan with your Papa in 2011. All I wanted to see was maple trees and my eyes would beamed whenever I spot one. No photos again sadly, coz obviously, you’re on my lap while breastfeeding and taking a nap.

We arrived in Kyoto past 2pm. We were welcomed with the autumn cold wind, it must have been between 10deg-12deg C and though it was your first time with that kind of weather, it didn’t stop you from toddling around while Papa was buying us some groceries at a nearby convenient shop from our hotel. We spent our first 2 nights at Village Kyoto Hotel. It sure was hard to find a place to stay during peak season in Kyoto, luckily Village Kyoto was the perfect place for us — which had japanese style tatami rooms with a modern touch.
We settled our things in the hotel for a few hours and next thing we know, it was already getting dark outside. I got so surprised how short daytime was — at 5pm, it looked like it was already 8pm. So we ate our dinner earlier too at a nearby ramen house. Afterwards, we had no choice but just wander around the city while you took another nap.
It then rained on our first night in Kyoto. I wanted to linger around the city longer but obviously it’s different now when we are traveling with a toddler like you so we headed back to our hotel when it was almost your bedtime.

Next up on my post will be loads of autumn colors we finally saw on our 2nd day in Kyoto! 🙂

love you forever,

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