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happy 17th month old baby pixie!

dear baby pixie love,

so the other night, in middle of playtime, you just blurted out ‘dance dance’ when you heard an upbeat song..then went stomping your feet…and blurted out again ‘h-a-p-p-y’..yours eyes beaming love at me..oh my heart melts.big time. i’ve listed one by one all the words you’ve started to learn since turning 1 year old but now, i’ve lost count of some. but as far as i remember, you say these things and sound too adorable: star (it sounds without an ‘r’ hehe), heart, eyes, cat, hat, hot (you point to your food coz ive explained to you to not touch it since it’s still hot!), moon (you’re cutest word! and i’ve explained to you that one of your first name ‘Luna’ actually means ‘Moon’), down (for sit down), apple, bell, dirty, yummy, ball, dance, h-a-p-p-y!!! 🙂

they say there’ll come a day that you’ll have that vocabulary explosion, i surely look forward for that. everyday you just talked too much. both being too sweet and too demanding too. i wished i studied ‘sign language’ so i could teach you,too. i’m actually trying now and you easily just learned how to sign ‘eat’. Yey! hopefully you can say more words soon so you can express freely your thoughts to me and your Papa. and i guess when that time comes, i’ll be caught up with your unending questions here and there. it’ll be fun! i promise i’ll try to answer most of your ‘whys and whats’ when the time comes. so dear Mr Google, please help me if i can’t.

our mornings start lately with either you babbling your own words and pointing on the ceiling or whimpering looking for my boobies. then i smushed you with a million kisses. Papa leaves us kisses secretly while we are usually asleep because he goes to work early even before we rise up. sometimes i notice it, sometimes i don’t but i know he always kisses us goodbye.

we talk for a few minutes while i soak in your eyes always full of wonder and magic and brush with my fingers your unruly and spiralling fine hair which i love by the way. i’d sometimes ask you ‘what did you dream last night?’ you just smile back at me while you bury yourself in the pillows and toss around stretching out your legs. or sometimes you just stare back blankly, probably still dreaming. i rise up ahead of you and tell you I need to prepare breakfast while i’m changing your diaper.

‘what do you like for breakfast today, pixie?’ Omelette with spinach, flaxseed, cheese, and oats. Or french toast in almond milk,egg, and flaxseed. Or baked egg with kale, oats, parmesan. Or just peanut butter sandwich & yoghurt with flaxseed. Matched with fresh juice. 

Yes, we sure love putting flaxseed (or chia seeds) in almost all our meals these days. I’ve joined the bandwagon of superfood addicts out there. because this is the best way i know how to keep us stay healthier. someday we shall grow our own organic garden and harvest our own produce perhaps. oh someday.

I’m actually glad your appetite is back to normal since after we all got sick from the Christmas and New Year holidays. i’ve been into meal planning since almost 5 months ago. it usually gets unplanned though if we go out to eat or travel out of the country. but i’m happy that mostly, i’m in control of how healthier we can eat by preparing home cooked meals. i’ve switched to getting more organic food into our diet too as much as possible. but not all as they can get too expensive for our budget. i do keep reminding myself though how more expensive it can get if we get sick. so when there’s an alternative healthier way, we stretch out the grocery budget whenever we can. funny how I’m willing to give up buying new set of shoes or clothes for myself now so i could buy more organic food for us. true story. motherhood. that’s what sure happened. 🙂

you’ve been Mama’s little helper lately too. i let you assist me in juicing our apples, carrots, kale, celery, spinach, and whatever it is available for us to juice. we’ve said goodbye to drinking juices from tetra packs (esp at home, for quite a while now) and drink as fresh as possible. and as far as doing other chores, you can help me put back some of your scattered toys or books in their rightful places now as i tell you. you’re a great help too when i’m drying out some clothes in the drying rack. your most favorite chore is ‘closing the door’.

how is it that i get flooded with so much love, my heart can burst every time i ask for a kiss from you and the cute way your lips form to smooch us. sometimes you’d just want to be kissed too without even asking. you make me fall in love with you deeper and deeper.

you love going outdoors more these days. so i’ve been searching more playgrounds or places we can discover together here in singapore. funny how i’ve been living in singapore for over 5 years now yet there’s still lots of places i’ve not been to. so far, we’ve only been to a few parks, most recent is the West Coast Park, which is nearer to us and it’s becoming a really favorite place now. i’m plotting weekend get-aways too so even if i really wish to have more client shoots this year, i’m willing to give that up to spend lot more time with you and Papa together. so i’m still limiting my bookings on weekends and not get too busy with something else other than being with YOU. time will come when you won’t need me always so this is me trying to make the most of it.

okay, looks like this letter is getting too long for you to read…will catch up more on the next one.

happy 17th months babylove!

love you forever,


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