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our christmas 2013

dear baby pixie love,

your 2nd Christmas was spent here again in Singapore. you also just turned 16 months old. we initially planned it to be spent in Cebu but Papa couldn’t leave work at the last minute. Just 2 days before Christmas, we arrived back in Singapore coming from Cebu. I didn’t have much energy to unpack our stuff yet. I craved so much sleep after you got sick during our travel.

I didn’t even have enough time to prepare what’s going to be on our Christmas Eve menu. in fact, we had to rush to the grocery store on the day of Christmas Eve. Haha.

Before we head out to the grocery, below was a Papa and Papa’s girl moment. I quickly managed to grab my camera to snap a photo of you acting all grown up and knows which shoes you want to wear now or at least picks your pair of favorites. Too darn cute!
And this is you playing around our little Christmas tree. We love how you say ‘STAR’ every time you see one. that and more than dozen other words you’ve learned since turning 1 year old have all been delightful to hear!
So here’s what we feasted for Christmas dinner at home. I didn’t want us to eat outside. Nothing beats home-cooked meals on Christmas especially shared together with the family. It was just you, me and Papa and your Tita Tet and her friend, Beeping as our guests who happily joined us for dinner.
And here’s the adorable you,wearing that little Santa elf’s hat I crocheted last Christmas 2012 when you were still 4 months old. Funny how it does still fit!
We gathered earlier around our little Christmas tree before it struck midnight coz you were likely going to get so sleepy very soon. You coudn’t even wait to open some gifts under the tree. This year, me and your Papa actually decided not to buy each other expensive gifts at all. We rather shared what we could to those affected with the Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Visayas last November. That was more meaningful for us to do. Papa got you a little pink guitar. Look how silly you were while opening your gift!!!
We sang some happy nursery songs before you finally went to bed.
And this pretty much summed up our Christmas morning. *big grin*
every Christmas that we celebrate now have been different. well, everyday of our lives actually have been different since we have you. And truthfully, there’s no greater gift than that. i’m slowly learning to live life simpler, just like how your Papa always suggested. beyond the wrapping of gifts and festivities, i hope you grow up celebrating Christmas with more meaning to it, too and be always surrounded with love.


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