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{cebu, philippines} plantation bay resort & spa

dear baby pixie love,

i have tons and tons of photos to post yet from our last year’s travels and whatnots. this was from August 2013, during your 1st birthday month. we decided to spend one night at Plantation Bay Resort. It was a first time of the 3 of us there and I instantly fell in love how family friendly the place was. We absolutely enjoyed swimming on their salt water lagoons and freshwater pools. I wished then to go back again and again when we have a chance every time we go home for Cebu.

the resort had all sorts of amazing facilities but we didn’t get enough time to enjoy all of it. however, i look forward when you’re much older so we can enjoy sand-castle building and fish feeding and MORE!

and this is YOU getting a surprise cake courtesy from the resort. Yey! you tried all your might to blow the candles but obviously still needed help from us. silly you!

too excited to go swimming!!! the way you put out that ‘tiger-looking-smile’ is too hilarious it cracks us up all the time! and you obviously didn’t want to get out of the pool anymore! how you love so much splashing here and there even when water gets into your eyes! 🙂
i am missing all our happy moments here! let’s go back and hit the pool or beach soon!!!

and like always, you get all knocked down after that happy swim! and i stare at you sleeping soundly (my favorite part of every day), it melts my heart every time.
we didn’t get to try these facilities yet, so lots of reasons to go back!
so convenient that the hotel provided a complimentary baby playpen for you! you didn’t last long inside there though. you clearly wanted to walk around more and explore as much!
before we checked out that morning, we went for more swimming time of course! and took some photos around the lovely resort!
oh yes, we hiked around the entire resort, too!
you love playing peek-a-boo everywhere — even while walking and being carried by your Papa!
you still get scared with the feeling of sand on your feet haha

you were just 2 days away from officially turning 1 year old in these photos. i had to soak it all in me and enjoy the moments before you hit toddlerhood!

as much as I am really excited seeing more of you growing up, Mama will always miss your baby-ness, if only you could stay like that a little longer.




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