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happy 15th month old baby pixie!

dear baby pixie love,

we were back in Singapore yesterday after that really very short family trip in Kyoto..that’s how we celebrated your being 15 months and an advanced celebration for Mama and Papa’s 14th year anniversary. though it’s Mama and Papa’s 2nd time to be in Japan, it was our first autumn experience together. so much memories to be grateful for.

If you could talk now, I’m sure there’s so much you want to tell me too. You kept saying ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’ at the sight of all the amazing autumn foliage. You brave the wintery cold below 10 degrees. You love picking the maple leaves. The Japanese people keep saying how ‘kawaii’ (cute) you are and you’d stare at them first before you’d wave ‘hello’ or ‘bye-bye’ with a big grin. You enjoyed every train and bus ride but sometimes threw tantrums coz you wanted to just walk around as much as you want to instead of sitting on your stroller or our lap. you enjoyed Japanese food as much as we did and preferred eating by yourself without any help. oh, imagine all the mess you made at our every meal. Haha!

4 days were all we had because Papa have to get back to work as soon as he could. Though it was never enough especially traveling with a toddler, you made the whole experience the best it could ever have been. someday soon again, we are sure coming back because really, Kyoto will always be Mama’s most favorite place to be.

just posting few photos for now.


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