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from my kitchen lately…

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started healthier meal planning and so far, I’m able to manage really better than those times when I end up not knowing what to prepare for Pixie’s next meal. And grocery budget is more controlled now,too knowing we know what to just buy for the whole week’s consumption. I still occasionally get tempted picking up something i wasn’t supposed to buy seeing an ‘organic japanese cha soba’ off the rack. 😛

So anyway, lately, I’ve been posting timely my latest kitchen adventures via Instagram (lot easier to do i supposed) but i realized I need to catch up and put it up on the blog,too whenever I can.

So here’s a few of what I managed to whip up in the  kitchen last week.

Baked Egg with Home-made Spinach Pesto
I found the recipe via Our Little Green Dot. So please head over there now if you wish to try the recipe,too yourself. My 1st attempt on the homemade Spinach Pesto tasted weird, only because I thought I could skip those expensive ‘pine nuts’. Haha. But I managed to get them anyway and that made a whole lot difference. It was surprisingly tasty and so handy whenever i just want to do a quick meal, like this Baked Egg. I am so naive i tell you. I never tried baking an egg in my entire life. So imagine my excitement. You could add any chopped veggies (zucchini, squash, carrots, etc) with that baked egg and it’s a healthy happy meal anytime of your day! 🙂

Now here’s another happy discovery…I found an organic cake mix made of quinoa flour and more healthier stuff!!!! I totally beamed my eyes when I saw it on the rack. Knowing how bad I am really at baking, this fixed my sweet cake cravings and making me devour it without that guilt! I just sprinkled chia seeds too on top to make it a superfood! Hah! 😛

If you’re in Singapore, I bought these over at Cold Storage, Organic Section, around SG$10+. For that price and healthier contents, I’m sure willing to bake every time I probably will crave a cake now (while I’m still tryin to learn to mix my own stuff soon from scratch and looking for that quinoa flour. If you know where to find it, do let me know!). 🙂Looking for the easiest lazy afternoon snack?

Baked Sweet Potatoes sprinkled with Parmesan it is. Yum! This was really easy. I just peeled those sweet potatoes, boiled them so they get more soft easily for Pixie to eat and then transfer them to the oven for just 5minutes enough for the cheese to melt.
I’m looking forward for this week’s happy meals! I got some new recipes to try and if it goes great or bad, will try post ’em when I can! 🙂 

Enjoy your week ahead ya’ll!

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Tweeen - October 5, 2013 - 11:10 am

Tweeen, I’ll be following your footsteps in this area soon as well. Mag sunod2x ra ko sa imong blog. And lastly, when you go home, can you make us that chocolately thing? Please, please, please????

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