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    I'm Josephine, a Filipina living now in Singapore.
    A full time dreamer, photographer and soon to be a first-time-Mama.

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happy stroller = happy baby = happy mama

dear baby pixie love,

after all the searching what’d be the better stroller for you, we finally decided to buy Aprica’s Karoon Plus over Quinny/Maclaren/Chicco/Graco/etc etc. I knew the moment we put you down to try it, you fell in love with it too as much as we did!

apparently your first bigger & heavier stroller didn’t turn out too convenient when traveling but we are thankful that it was a gift from your tita charisse and tito paul. we’ll still keep it for future or off-road-use.

with the Karoon stroller, Mama can travel even alone with you (facing upfront while i’m pushing) coz it’s sooo lightweight and really handy-dandy! i’m looking forward for our shopping days with it or just a stroll in the park. i know you’ll outgrow it soon but it’s okay, me and Papa love spoiling you with oh happy pretty things. 🙂


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