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    I'm Josephine, a Filipina living now in Singapore.
    A full time dreamer, photographer and soon to be a first-time-Mama.

    This blog is just an extension of my photography site. Thank you for being here! :)

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life’s so much more worth living for…

Now that we have you….

Just a really quick peek shot I took this morning while our baby pixie is in deep happy sleep to the tunes of my favorite bossanova playlist and while I had a little energy to grab the camera.

I’m still recovering from the maternity wounds that goes with natural delivery so yeah, it might take me at least 2 weeks to hopefully get back on my feet. Thankfully, I have all the great love and support I need from both mine and Brian’s family and friends. I promise to tell you the birth story some time whenever I can,too. The journey has been quite extra ordinary — yes, (very) painful but worth every breath! For now, I’m just really doing my best to heal quickly.

So over and again, THANK YOU for all the prayers and wishes you’ve sent all the way — being a little family of three now has been a wonderful miracle that brought us such an immeasurable feeling of being blessed.


Windfaerie Bevlee - August 29, 2012 - 10:08 pm

I ache looking at her. Little angel with her heavenly smile.
Please give her a big hug and a tight one to you too woman warrior.
You are doubly complete now. So proud of you.
I can’t wait to see you. Aww Ruki…You make me miss life 🙂
Traveling now for work & feeling funky in my hotel room.
This made my day 🙂 Love you! xx

dimps - August 28, 2012 - 12:46 pm

Aaaaw. Fyns. I can’t believe she’s finally here. And I can’t wait to hear your birthing story – in details! I wish you were in Cebu, then I could hug you and carry baby Pixielu already… Haaay missyou girls. Send my hugs to Brian too!

Take care you guys, all love from Cebu! xx the puddings xx

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