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what august brings…

…seems countless to imagine.

Well, whaddya know! it’s a big countdown to my D-day (delivery day)!!! oooooooooooh dear. that’s about 27 days to go if I hit the exact due date.

Earlier today, we just had our 36th week prenatal doc visit and so far, baby girl’s been really doing a great job inside the tummy — wiggling and poking me and perfectly head down as she’s expected to be. Weeeeh! 🙂

And as for my physical changes, no need to argue, the weighing scale just counts up and doesn’t lie how much I gained now. 🙂 Wanna guess how much? But then again, I’d like to worry bout how to lose those preggo weight later anyway (I really do miss running on my tracks again!). And if there’s ever going to be a waddle marathon, I’d totally be a champ! Hah! Papalove would just tease me all the time, ‘Can’t you walk any faster?’. And i’d just smirk at him. Hmp. Also, sleeping these time around had been quite a feat – tossing here and there to find the best belly position until I just doze off (that’s  almost like after 2 hrs, after midnight by the way). And need I mention the more frequent pee visits (i’m talking like sometimes 5 min interval!) to the loo even in the middle of my sleep?

So wait, do I sound like ranting now? Not exactly — just jotting down the experiences along my preggohood. As much as there’s more excitement to all this, all mothers who’ve been there than that Im sure had more or less same experiences as I did.  And I can’t believe I’m going to say this — I might actually just miss all these after all when I finish the last stretch. Coz clearly, there’s even bigger challenges coming our way, so during these last few weeks left, I just wanna enjoy preggohood to the hilt! 🙂

Some random snaps via Instagram [username @josephinesicad]. (clockwise: 1. my little happy corner will soon pave way to babylove’s closet, 2. flaunting those bulging cheeks that tell you how much ive gained at 35weeks hehe, 3. baby crib love by the left side of our bed almost ready, 4. more handmade booties yey!

Happy restful weekend!!!


Pamsoy - August 4, 2012 - 10:12 pm

I am the visitor from Dubai Phynsoy… weeee
The world is tooo excited to see Adia-soy.. 🙂
Love love love u..
ALways praying for a safe delivery..

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