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    weaving dreams & marveling thru the Universe.

    I'm Josephine, a Filipina living now in Singapore.
    A full time dreamer, photographer and soon to be a first-time-Mama.

    This blog is just an extension of my photography site. Thank you for being here! :)

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Yet another blog?!?!

Hello Internet,

I should probably start this post with a question — Why another blog huh? 
Well, my simple answer is —- just because. 

But really, I figured it might be all better that I separate more of my personal posts from my main photography site and move ’em over here. (Oh yeah, if you’re here for the first time, this way to my main blog site.) I know I’m still trying to keep up with that but I’ve been also greatly inspired with other Mama bloggers out there,too so here I am joining that bandwagon to hopefully keep my sanity in range. Hah! 🙂

And yes, all because now that we’re expecting a baby love soon, I can’t help but get all exhilarated putting up another bloggity haven intended for what will soon become our lil family of three. We all know in the blogging world however that we can only share a lil fraction of our lives for there will surely be times of privacy (which actually what the husband prefers) or plainly just caught with life in between. I do intend to document as much milestones as I only can so that when time comes, our baby love, as she grows up, has something to look back to. So yeah, my head’s been firecrackin’ with ideas, to find and create extra ordinary things out of our mundane lives, and dear oh dear, be part of that journey to this whole new challenging world of motherhood and parenthood. The latter I swear I am REALLY clueless yet (who does at first right?) but whatdaheck! Hence, putting a title on this new blog, Life’s constant surprises – so be it good or bad, happy or sad, I’ll just breathe into ’em one moment at a time.

If you find your way clicking to subscribe to my posts and follow me here,too – I have to warn you way ahead though. As soon as baby comes out (which at the time of writing this, less than 3 months away from now), expect random ramblings (sensible or not) of my domesticated life and guess what? lots and lots and oooooh yes, LOTS of baby giggle posts. 🙂

Spreadin’ la la love! ♥♥♥

Self-portrait @ 27 Weeks, counting up the pounds! 😛 May 2012

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