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  • Life’s constant surprises.

    weaving dreams & marveling thru the Universe.

    I'm Josephine, a Filipina living now in Singapore.
    A full time dreamer, photographer and soon to be a first-time-Mama.

    This blog is just an extension of my photography site. Thank you for being here! :)

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oh my goodness. this bloggity needs serious overhaul. sadly and obviously, I couldn’t keep up writing here. meantime, you can swing back to my main blogsite.

a whole lot of exciting things to come for my little Pixie especially that we are moving to Australia by June this year.

this is us lately. taken in Cebu, Jan 2015. at a new fave lovely corner inside Yolk Cafe.

turning 2 soon…

savoring her homemade blueberry popsicle yesterday…and she’s turning big 2 next week…how will i survive the drama of it all when my heart’s already aching for her to stay like a baby a little bit longer? *sniff*

p.s. i need to fill up this blog again!!!